mercredi 11 juillet 2018

The time of Tolerance in Jew Town in Cochin Kerala

This clipping was sent to me this morning by Elias Babu the Last Jew of Cochin, as I call him.
Each time I am in JewTown in Cochin, I go by the house of Sarah Cohen and Taha is almost always present there, and I personally thank him for looking after this elderly jewish lady. Thoufeek is an extraordinary calligrapher in Hebrew as well as some other archaic texts. He now works as a sous chef in Dubai.
A year or so ago, during one of my visits to Sarah's home, I noticed that some filming was going on, photos were being taken and I piped a sentence or two.
But did not expect to see this picture of me with Taha, Sarah and Toufeek!
I look forward to seeing the documentary!
A good symbolism of the tolerance and acceptance in Cochin and Kerala