samedi 7 juillet 2018


I had made the special effort of going to the Brasilian Amazonian town of Benjamin Constant.
It turned out to be a metaphorical death.
I still feel it as I write this.
Walked through the heat and humidity towards the Museu Maguita, the firs ever Indigenous museum in Brasil and one of the best Indigenous museums.
I was there quite recently and was happy to see NINO, my Ticuna friend once again and chat with him.
Something didnt seem right as I entered the Museum. The office where Nino usually sat was closed. The front door of the museum was open but the outer door was locked. 
I stood for a few moments and a young boy appeared.
I asked him in my best portugese where the director was. His answer shocked me, El moreu.. did the boy mean he has died?
I felt numb.
There was another drama being played around me at that time, an insensitive accusal of the Amazonia, so this death would have been a metaphor for the death of those who wantonly condemn the struggles of the humans in the Amazonia.
A middle aged man comes up, Paulino is his name, like Nino he is also a Ticuna
About two months ago, Paulino now continued, Nino felt chest pains around 1 pm in the afternoon, he was taken to the hospital at around 2 pm, but he died soon afterwards.
You couldnt imagine my sadness
Death of a friend of mine
Condemnation of the Amazonia and insensitiveness towards and a metaphoric death of that person. 
The museum is quite compact but has a great load of information. 
It is the museum of the Ticuna
Just that morning the Curaca (the governor) of the community of N.. along the Amazon had come to visit me.
It was such a spiritually uplifting experience for me.
Now this death.

As I left the gates of the museum, I said Kaddish for my friend Nino, the  Brasilian Ticuna. He was a friend of mine.
Good People in a very short time leave memories in your heart. Insensitive people leave and carry their emptiness with them.