lundi 16 juillet 2018


Always the same sensation, a saudade, a longing for nothing in particular, it happens when I am leaving a place that I like being in, such as Miami, Havana among others.
And then you are beginning to miss people you are determined to forget, their follies forgiven and this saudade pushes forward their good qualities that attracted me to them in the first place.
Be with people you admire, my good friend Dr. Marco advised me, rather than being with people who admire you.
A new maxim
It is the tropical sky becoming cloudier by the minute; I am about to leave for the airport to catch flights to domestic destinations that are becoming less and less interesting to fly to.
This tender sensation brings its own pleasure too, but there are so many hellos and good byes lately, most of them initiated by me, to decrease the burden on my structural defects, so that they can be calmed down.

Tomorrow this time I would be at the Indian Reservation and once I am there, all is forgotten, the other world of USA cease to exist.
They always heal me from any of the damages or emotional knife wounds inflicted upon me.

In return, I have the pleasure of giving them some guidance couched in anthropological terms how to deal with the structural violence of living in this society.