vendredi 13 juillet 2018


Newer dietary fads appear on a frequent basis and promoted by paid gurus as the latest to burn the fat, decrease weight etc, that one becomes jaded after a while.
I have always believed that the following words in food advertisements need to make you wary of the products.
LOW  as in LOW FAT  (usually high in sugar, artificial substances) as an example, also LOW CHOLESTEROL etc 
HIGH as in High Fructose Corn Syrup which is a poison, high in anti-oxidants etc
I had never been a fan of LOW FAT or LOW CHOLESTEROL diet. As a cultural anthropologist, I had observed that my French Family, eats five course lunch and dinners and at least two of those courses are fat laden as in Yoghurt, Cheese, as examples. It is a known fact that the French have half the rate of Cardiovascular disease compared to the Americans who eat much less FAT..
The measurements of Cholesterol which is now so popular can be used as a measure of inflammation in the body and an anti inflammatory consortium of foods can decrease it. It was taught to me by an American Indian whose cholesterol levels were in 300 plu mg/dl range (considered quite dangerous! by the medical establishment) who in the course of one month brought it down to 160 mg/dl (no medications added such as STATIN)
I was surprised
How did you do it?
Doc, I began buying meat from a guy who butchers his own meat.
Half the antibiotics in the USA are used to fatten up the cattle, as is the usage of millions of hormonal injections.
Saturated fats in yoghurt, cheese and butter do NOT increase the risk of heart disease - and may actually prevent a stroke
·       Eating full-fat dairy actually reduces the risk of dying from stroke by 42%
·       Dietary guidelines recommend people people opt for low or no-fat dairy
·       Low or no fat often contain high amounts of sugar, which drives heart disease

·       Dairy contains nutrients such as calcium, which lowers blood pressure

The above appeared in a British Newspaper, citing research published in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition.
I am looking forward to a week long stay with the family in Brittany, and of course they would have Yoghurt, Comte Cheese that I like and needless to say some good French Wine..