vendredi 13 juillet 2018


Israel a very small country (the size of the State of New Jersey in the USA) in the Middle East, which has become a beacon of technological progress and innovation. In its 70 years of existence as a Democratic Independent Republic of Nations, it has garnered more Nobel Prizes in Sciences in this century more often than many of other long established western European countries. 
Surrounded by the chaos of Middle East with its violence, instability and lack of human rights, Israel remains a shining example of what human beings are capable of, when given the proper nurturing environment. 
KOOLULAm a singing initiative that brings together total strangers who are taught within one hour to sing in harmony, mostly songs of freedom, peace and harmony has been a huge hit in Israel. They are getting to be known outside ISRAEL as well. I received their latest video of the Song ONE LOVE by Bob Marley sung in Hebrew English and Arabic with a cast of 1000 Christians, Jews and Moslems in Jerusalem just a day or so ago, from a good friend in Jamaica. Great homage to that prophet of Jamaica, Bob Marley and his words of peace in the city of Peace, the eternal capital of the Jewish People and the State of Israel.

What is Koolulam?
  • The main goal of Koolulam is to gather strangers, who have no background in singing, in one place to join together to create a musical sensation.
  • Koolulam plans a singing event, promotes the event and allows followers to purchase tickets (which sell out in less than 10 minutes) to join thousands of strangers to sing a special song together. The cost of a ticket is usually around 40 NIS. (around 11 usd, they are sold out in MINUTES, the last one took only 7 minutes)
  • What makes it unique? Koolulam is able to teach thousands of people a new song with harmonies in under 45 minutes. The new arrangement divides the participants into 3 vocal groups. Together they all sing – producing a powerful unified musical creation. The production is videoed and then shared to the masses via Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp.
  • The founders believe that bringing diverse members of Israeli society together thru this event, can bridge their differences and help create a more unified experience in Israel. They have even hosted an event that included a song sung in harmony using English, Hebrew & Arabic.
Who started Koolulam?
  • Or Taicher, one of the founders, directs the singing events and video productions.

  • Ben Yefet is the third founder who creates the musical composition, is the front man on the stage and the leading conductor (the one with the long curly hair!!).
  • The biggest challenge for the founders is finding the right song. They search for a well known song that they can create a new arrangement for using 3 voices – that will be easy enough to teach to a mass of people in less then an hour! Not an easy feat!
  • The name Koolulam comes from a combination of the Hebrew words koolam (everyone), kol (voice) and olam (world).
  • Today the videos have been shared millions of times across the world.
  • the third founder is : Michal Shahaf Schneiderman
  • Here are some of their videos
  • 14th of June 2018  Jerusalem, the Capital of Israel

On the 70th anniversary of the reestablishment of the State of Israel

The social and political climate because of the intolerance of some towards newcomers and refugees in Europe and USA, I would like to see an initiative like this, bringing together, old and new, young and old, black white and yellow , together to sing, in English, Spanish, French and other relevant languages, songs of peace and harmony. I would like to see this in each major city in the USA and Europe.

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