vendredi 27 juillet 2018


Shabbat Shalom on POYA day in Sri Lanka
Each Full Moon Day is a public holiday in Sri Lanka and today, Friday 27th July is no exception.

All government offices and enterprises are closed, and that creates a certain incongruities in this predominantly Buddhist country.
People were out in full force to enjoy themselves, the ancient streets of Galle Fort now swelled with Sri Lankan visitors as well as tourists from other countries, streets clogged with thousands of Moslems rushing off to the Friday Noon prayers.
For non-believers that comprise a sizeable majority/minority in this world, what are the choices to get away from the shade? Marine Museum? Closed. Galle Museum? Closed. The only places open seemed to be Mosques and Churches? Thirsty for a beer? Sorry today is Full Moon Day, drinking is not allowed. This is not Thailand, mate, where you can hope to catch an all night rave on a day like today.
Apart this being the Full Moon Day tonight is also eclipse of the Moon, a large Red Moon. I am waiting for it, even though the sky is full of clouds.
And for the millions of Jewish heathens like me, it is also Shabbat and I thought of all those who need to hear me wish them a Shabbat Shalom… So, my mischpochah, in every part of the world, Shabbat Shalom
To do the usual rituals, I needed two candles, easy to procure, bread, slightly more difficult but possible, and what about borepri hagefen? No wine, all wine stores are closed today, but the hotels? The bars? The restaurants? No alcohol today.
Shabbat shalom without wine then.

My Ojibway brother Arne had given me the sacred tobacco he had gathered in the lakes of his country and I concentrated, offered it to the spirits of the Wine, the spirits of the River and the Full moon peeking out of the cloudy skies.

To be effective, one has to clean the mind and the thoughts first.
I thought of all those people that I might hold a grudge, resentment for their misguided behaviours or misunderstandings. All people who put in a show recently in my life and those who left no memories behind, I had my mind clean of any negative thoughts about any one living on this planet.
Then I offered the tobacco
What I experienced in the next few minutes is beyond description. My Indian friends from North and South America would understand without difficulty.
All those I wanted to think of began appearing. My closest one in Quiberon arrived first; Indian friends began parading through, my sister, and my family in Miami, Portland and Israel.
It was as if I was looking at a giant screen, which is what the sky had become.  A New friend from Medellin, I sent her a message
By wishing well to those who love you, it is you who feel better. It is your mind that is now clean, as clean as a new canvass could be.
A certain Joy arrives.
I look at the full moon
We conspire together.. All the people in my life at the moment, who are present, not had become memories to be forgotten, I want good things coming their way.whether a day without anxiety in Colombia, seemless days for people in the Everglades or Nebraskan countryside.
A message pops up
Believe it or not, it was from Easter Island
I don’t need any further convictions to believe
In the nature of this connection.

Tonight is special, for my family and my friends that more or less coincide
And the New people I have met here in Southern Sri Lanka
Such an overall generosity of spirit…


A message arrived from KUL: they are celebrating Guru Purnima in Coimbatore