samedi 7 juillet 2018


I am dedicated to the welfare of the Indigenous peoples. I met Ticuna on one of my earliest trips to the Amazon and our relationship has only strengthened.
On this short visit with them, two things were accomplished.
1. The Nurse who runs the clinic had sent a list of medications that they need in the clinic. They were mostly over the counter medications for symptoms relilef of many simple illnesses. plus some rudimentary antibiotics. On one of my trips to India, I managed to get them at a good price.
They were very appreciative of the help.
I have been working with the Indians for a long time and I know what makes them happy and what makes them angry. Using this guideline, I bring them medications, and sometimes few other gifts.
2. we want to look into educating some Ticuna in the health sciences, in Cuba.
I promised the Governor of the village that I will find our who is the Cuban ambassador to Colombia is and would begin the process of recruiting some deserving students , preferably to study Medicine or related disciplines.

Felt very good after spending a hour or so with them. They came to my hotel to see me.
I know I am welcome in their community.