samedi 16 février 2019


The Doctor will see you NOW    in Rapa Nui
His chiseled face was unmistakable; he could be a Maori or a Tuvaluan. He was eating an ice cream, for which he apologized later, you will see why.
I moved closer to him, where the unsmiling shopkeepers from the Chilean continent reap profits on the back of the indigenous people.
Tu me conoces?
Do you know me, I asked him? I had arrived in the island precisely two hours earlier, but this was not my first visit.
He looks carefully at my face.
It has been a long time, he says.
I am the doctor from Cuba, and your daughter studied Medicine in Cuba.
He nodded with a smile.

I let him walk the path back to 2003, 15 years ago, on my first visit to the island. At that time, the main street had scarcely the accouterments of tourist trade, Tia Betty’s Empanadas, few hostels and hardly any cars.
Anahi a little girl of 12 came up to me at the Internet café that is no more and asked me,
Where are you from?

I am from Cuba, I answered. Do you know where it is?
Yes the little girl answered, I know a lot about it.
Surprised, even more so, when she said,
My cousin studies Medicine in Cuba, and if you want I can take you to her parents home, a short walk from here, dragging me along.
That is where I met Juan Manutomatoma, the man standing in front of me.

Why don’t you stay with me, he begged
I am entering the hospital today so you can enjoy the house. That opened up another conversation. He has diabetes and it is out of control. His daughter after her graduation from Havana went to Santiago where she practices as a Surgeon.
My blood sugar is very high. (Thus the apology for the ice cream, once a month doctor, he reasoned)
Very quick questioning made me realize that his diabetes care like most of the people in the island is poor and that he may have already the complications of the disease. His left hip is giving in and the orthopedic surgeons in Santiago de Chile told him that they won't operate on him until he brings down the blood sugar, thus the admission to the hospital to bring down the blood sugar.

This island, which was colonized by Chile in the late 18th century, had seen dramatic changes in the history and lifestyle of the native population (very similar to many indigenous people, whose fragile cultures is destroyed by the invaders along with their bodies).
The doctors here from Chile are not very good, he continued; in fact they send students rather than doctors (he must mean Interns and residents rather than specialists).
Please take care of me and I would wait for you at the hospital and you can talk to the doctors and tell them what to do for me.

This once again is the outreach mentality of Cuban International Medicine. Not only does Cuba educate poor students from many countries in the world, but also sends doctors to help with Health care in parts of the world where there are no doctors.

This has happened to me in many places, within hours of arriving at a place, I am doing some humanitarian medical care. One has to be careful not to involve where you are not wanted, watch for the sensibilities of the local providers and the cost of the medications. I think the native people do-good free medical attention but remember this sliver of a samosa shaped island is nearly 4000 km away from the continent of South America and everything has to arrive by the daily flight or an occasional freighter.
The sleepy little town now bustles with tourists, usually older Europeans and young Chilean families. One observation does not fail to impress you. Chileans and the islanders and the non-native who live here, all are on the chubby side.
People, who are part of fragile cultures and innocent of monetary transactions, fail when they enter the capitalist system. They learn the shortcuts, give up their millennial healthy habits, and dive into the potato chips, coca cola and beer culture. To pay for that, they may lease their culture or use their culture as a short cut to get money. The best of capitalism is forgotten and the best of their millennia old lifestyle is also laid by the wayside.
Just one week ago, my illustrious colleague, Ashleen wrote to me and said: Doctor what about Easter Island
You may have guessed that is where I am today, having flown from Brussels to Madrid to Santiago de Chile and Hanga Roa in Easter Island.
Yes there is a need for the
Under the auspices of the NGO, Dr. MW is helping me to form.

If I had help, I would stay here for a week at a time and get to see every one in the island who is Rapa Nui who has been afflicted by these diseases of Civilization.

vendredi 15 février 2019


Mugshots of people arrested for being associated with rings of stolen credit-card numbers, most from Florida: Yaiser Herrera Gargallo, Juan Carlos Febles, José Castillo Febles, Taise Braganca, Claudio Fontes Ferreira, Rodrigo Ferrareze, Yadina Valsés, Leonardo Hernández, Alain Ceballos- Rodríguez, Carlos Rodríguez, Alejandro Moisés, Reinier Pérez-Rives, Eunises Llorca-Meneses, Alejandro Arias-Pérez, Naudi Reyes, Meylan Montalvo, Yosan Pans, Yari Fuentes, Juan Carlos Banos, Lester Canañeda, Ranser Rodríguez, Edelberto Hernández, Yaniris Alfonso, José Iglesias, Yadián Hernández, Eddy Pimentel-Vila, and Luis Jiménez-González.EL NUEVO HERALD POLICE DEPARTMENTS IN WISCONSIN, MAINE, MISSISSIPPI, WEST VIRGINIA, OHIO AND FLORIDA

samedi 2 février 2019


Brussels  European Quartier  
Brussels Airport 
Diamond Lounge at Terminal A
To Madrid on Iberia 
Rush to catch the connecting flight to London
Comfortable ride to London
Chaos at London Airport 
Freezing Cold in London 
Double Tree by Hilton Hotel in the vicinity of the airport?
Uber Eats delivers Masala Dosa

A manha sera outra dia
Tomorrow is another day..


The weather was bleaker more than the usual and the cold unbearable when I arrived at the Heathrow Airport from Madrid.
I had booked a DOUBLE TREE BY HILTON hotel, out of loyalty to the brand but I did not realize how far away from the airport it was. After waiting for half an hour for the Hoppa Bus 56, it took another half an hour to get there. 
I was not in a mood to explore the hotel offerings, I remembered UBER EATS.. 
Opening the app I could see that a wide variety of food could be had, mainly Hamburgers, Pizzas etc within a few minutes. But if you were willing to wait for half an hour, a south Indian specialty dish would arrive.. A Dosa, a masala dosa  or a couple of IDLYs (hello brother eliyahu!) would arrive.
As I am studying MICROBIOME these days I know that both of these offerings are good for the Microbiome and I ordered a Masala Dosa from Sangeetha vegetarian Restaurant which has its HQ in Chennai in India with branches in Doha and KL as well as the other usual suspects in the Gulf states.
As promised within half an hour, i received a call from M. Said, who said he was downstairs (a Somali man)
The dosa was in a Biodegradable plastic bag and it was hot and i enjoyed and devoured it while sitting in my room at the hotel.
I could have had Tapas, perhaps an italian option and definitely a MIddle Eastern one.
But Dosa it was for me
I thoroughly enjoyed it ..

jeudi 31 janvier 2019

Le cancer bientôt vaincu par des chercheurs israéliens?

Une équipe de scientifiques israéliens affirme qu’ils sont en passe, d’ici une année environ, de mettre au point un médicament capable de guérir différentes sortes de cancer.
Selon le Cancer Research UK, cette maladie a entraîné la mort de 6,9 millions de personnes à travers le monde en 2018.
Alors que des scientifiques britanniques déclaraient récemment que le cancer pourra être vaincu d’ici une vingtaine d’année, ces chercheurs israéliens estiment y arriver beaucoup plus tôt, comme l’affirme Dan Aridor, président du comité directeur de la société Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies Ltd (AEBi), créée en l’an 2000 dans la Parc scientifique Haïm Weizman, et qui développe ce médicament.
“Il s’agit d’une excellente nouvelle quand on sait qu’environ 18 millions de nouveaux cas de cancer se détectent chaque année”, indique Dan Aridor.
Le traitement en question est appelé MuTaTo (multiobjecvtive Toxin) qui attaquera les cellules cancéreuses sans pratiquement aucun dommage collatéral.
L’équipe de chercheurs indique que ce nouveau médicament agira dès le premier jour et n’aura besoin d’être administré que durant quelques semaines.
Dan Aridor souligne également que ce médicament sera beaucoup moins cher que les traitements actuels.
Le Dr. Ilan Morad, Pdg de la compagnie a expliqué plus en détails que ce médicament luttera aussi contre les mutations des cellules cancéreuses au moyen de trois sortes de peptides (polymères d’acides aminés) ajoutés d’une toxine anti-cancéreuse qui attaqueront et tueront les cellules atteintes.
Ces dernières années, la recherche contre le cancer a permis de réduire la mortalité dans de nombreux pays.
Mais quand le médicament développé par AEBi pourra être commercialisé, il s’agira sans aucun doute d’un tournant historique qui permettra de sauver des millions de vie à travers le monde.
Les dirigeants d’AEBi disent avoir déjà effectué de nombreux tests qui donnent des résultats très satisfaisants et réguliers.
Dans un communiqué, la compagnie AEBi indique : « Le Dr. Ilan Morad a donné durant l’année écoulée trois conférences sur ce sujet lors de congrès en Allemagne et à Boston devant des forums de scientifiques et a obtenu des réactions élogieuses. Récemment, nous avons reçu l’autorisation de l’Office américain des brevets »