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dimanche 22 juin 2008

Where is Pa Pa Win

not a single day goes by that I dont think of Pa Pa Win pictured here on various photos with me and with her friends in Chaungtha Beach as well as the Schwedagon Pagoda. I had met them, selling hats to the tourists on the beach at Chaungtha in 2005, saw them again on a repeat visit and invited them with their family to come to Yangon in 2007. My Little friends: Tin Tin Aye, Ei To and Pa Pa Win. I was later told that Pa Pa Win went with her family to Bogalay where her sister ran a fried rice stall. There was no way of getting any news from her and i had sporadic news from Chaungtha.

Now with Cyclone Nargis and seeing the destruction, I pray with all my heart that one day I will see Pa Pa Win again. I know my sweeties in Chaungtha are alright since the village did not suffer any destruction. But Bogalay was nearly wiped out.

I will think of Pa Pa Win and pray for her everyday till I see her again in Burma.