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dimanche 3 août 2014


In my travels around the world, I have been fortunate to encounter physicians devoted to their craft. It is a pleasure to be in their presence and watch them heal the suffering of their patients. The major model of health care in the world at the moment is the Western Model but syncretic models of combining the western biomedical model with the local traditions and alternate treatments do exist. 
I am reminded what my UmonHon teacher said to me: It is a good person that becomes a good doctor
Among the many good physicians working under all sorts of conditions in various countries, no one could hold a candle to Dra. Estela Rosales who practices mainly in the northern part of the state of Coahuila in Mexico, in Muzquiz as well as Piedras Negras. I met her many years ago when I came to visit the Kickapoo in Nacimiento in Coahuila. She has an incredible devotion to the tribe, which might have been transferred to her by her late father, who also took good care of the Kickapoo.
Her approach is totally holistic. I have heard many doctors especially in the USA use the term holistic for their care, but the biomedical model does not encompass the socio cultural aspects. Neither does the fee for services system allow time for a comprehensive understanding of the suffering of the patients.
I estimate that doctors pay attention to part of the problems presented to them and thus they are able to look after their patients partially but not holistically.
Today I was able to assist the good doctor see, counsel and treat the many patients who had travelled many miles to see her: patients had come from Fort Worth, a seven hour drive plus an international crossing, San Antonio, three hours away, and from other parts of the state of Coahuila.

(even after a very busy and long day of seeing patients, she found time to make a home visit, that necessitated her to cross an International border)
Patients waited and she attended to them not one by one but continuously in that she would talk and care of one problem, later organizing therapy such as Ozone therapy, homeopathic therapy as well as special medications from Cuba which are available in Mexico but not in the USA.(high time to remove the Embargo of the USA of Cuban products). We saw a variety of presentations, including cancers in remission, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, pre diabetes and could counsel two youngsters who had the dark markings on their neck (Acanthosis Nigricans) about nutrition and exercise and general good health. All these were conducted in an genial ambience, there were no auxiliary personnel running around except for the nurse who attended to the needs of patients receiving various therapies: no medical records clerk, no billing clerk, no insurance checking clerk. 
Even after a busy day like today, after a very late lunch at 5 pm, she wanted to cross the border to the Kickapoo Reservation on the USA side so that she could see and discuss health matters with the spiritual leader of the tribe.
On a day like today, I am proud to be a Doctor!
Comfortably receiving Ozone Therapy. The Dra learned this therapy on her multiple visits to Cuba