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dimanche 15 juillet 2018



Things happen for a reason, I had been told by the Indians, just we don’t understand the significance, which became clearer only many days later.
Many years ago a talented pianist from Havana, came to be part of a Symphony Orchestra in Cali. She met and married a Colombian artist and they moved down to Puerto Narino in the Colombian Amazon, sharing their time between the outpost in the Amazon and the largest city in Colombian Amazonia, Leticia. She continued her work as a teacher of Music to children and adults. I had met her on my earlier visits to the Amazonia and in February 2018, I stayed in her Hostel in Puerto Narino and spent a lot of time talking about our favourite subject: Cuba!

I had just arrived on a red-eye flight from Miami to the Bogota airport.  I went to use the toilets at the departure area upstairs, and spotted a trio of passengers emerging from the Restroom area: I looked carefully and I recognized Ileana.. we had a hearty reunion and she introduced me to her companions: a Cuban Doctor specializing in Paediatric Surgery and his Colombian wife.
During my travels, I do not search for other travellers , least by their nationalities, I avoid tourists like a plague, as they are only thinking of getting to their next destination. But it is always a pleasure to run into people you have met before, in another setting. This does not happen often, but when it does happen , what a pleasure it is.

Ileana and I were able to spend some time together in Leticia before she took the boat home to Puerto Narino.
Indians had taught me that our interactions in life are about relationships. They do mean genuine relationships, but not the fake relationships that we are often drawn into.
We planned to meet again in Amazonia.. and there is always Cuba..