samedi 28 juillet 2018


A tourist may arrive at a destination or a place, perhaps because of a PUSH factor in their life, failed romance or marriage; workplace, with difficulties with co workers or family, difficulties with siblings, parents or children. This may dominate over the PULL factor, even though the tourist deludes thinking the attraction is the main reason. Push over Pull is seen in the hordes of tourists going to archeological ruins (Machu Pichu and Angkor are two good examples) or places where there things to do (bungee jumping and such as well as sanitized version of uphill tribes dancing as in Chiang Mai). Tourists obtain their bragging rights with their encounters with people who are there to meet the tourists, such as tour guides or inn keepers. The traveller looks for the essence of the country which a tour guide cannot give, but who can recite numbers and statistics which satisfies the tourist. The tourist is interested in HOW and the traveller is interested in is quantitative and the other is qualitative.
As we say in Cuba, I dont really want to meet people who wish to meet me..
So true in the TOURIST trade..