dimanche 15 juillet 2018


Facebook and other social media now invade even the relative calm of Amazonia, in addition to the industrial food culture of North America.
I am reading SAPIENS by Yuval Noah Harari. He says: Even today the majority of human communication (Facebook, email, twitter and mostly quick, grammatically incorrect short messages- Dr. S.) is GOSSIP. Perhaps that is why a magazine like PEOPLE can sell millions of copies.

While I appreciate the availability of cell phones (how wonderful it is in case of a medical emergency!) or social media; I do not participate in them. American Indians, who has a fundamental concept of RELATIONSHIP, find the telephone as well as the Social Media of immense help in enhancing Relationships.
There is a suggestion that people (Non-Indians, Immigrants to rich countries) who use these media excessively do not have real life friends.
Perhaps this is what our grandparents felt when telephones arrived, and people began spending long hours on the phone gossiping.
This is EVOLUTION but cannot call this PROGRESS