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samedi 25 février 2012


Just imagine, tonight is Monday, and on Friday night past I was having a Khmer/French dinner at Le Rits’ Boutique Hotel in Phnom Penh. Today I am in Walthill, in the land of UmonHon Indians, Population 881 (882 including the baby born two months ago!). As Yogic Philosophy would teach us, it is the perception that gives you the false impression. I am very glad to be here in this quiet village of Indians, in this blue house. I have time to think, to reflect and occasionally receive a visitor.
Todays’ visitor was none other than Little Miss R, who dropped in with her mother. It was a sheer pleasure to have R here, her presence lighted up this old house. As Cuban ambassador’s wife reminded me: these are precious moments, enjoy them to the fullest. Yes I did, it was good to have R here…
It was Pierre, a relative of R who reminded me one day: All the beautiful things in life are free. It becomes unreal when you begin to chase the unreal lie.
One such great gift is the smile of R. Indians are well known for their hearty laughter and you can see this little one, not yet 2 years old, has already begun to spread happiness by the gift of being herself.
You are always welcome at the Blue House, Miss R with your mother!

"Let the person I serve express his thanks according to his own bringing up and his sense of humor."
-- Charles A. Eastman (Ohiyesa), SANTEE SIOUX
"It is better to give than receive." But it doesn't really matter if we are giving or receiving. There is an identical feeling associated with both. We get this feeling every time we receive. We can't control when we receive gifts but we can control when we give gifts. Therefore, the more we give, the better we feel. When we are given gifts, or someone does something for us, it is the Indian way to honor this person.”

I have always felt that the Great Spirit has given me an eternal Gift because of this association with his earliest creation among men, the Indians who live in this land they call The Turtle Island.

I return that honour to each and every Indian who enters my life. Even if they are not yet 2 years old!