mardi 21 février 2012


LE RITS boutique Hotel and Resto, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Thai Curry
Dining Companion Friday Last, Maurice VP, who conducts an NGO on how to take care of Diabetics at a very cheap cost, and good outcome
 Four days Later, I am having Panang Curry at the Thai Resto in South Sioux City, a nondescript city by the river Missouri. But this time my dining companion was none other than the winsome Omaha and her mother and her grandmother!

The Lao lady who with her husband owns this resto, was in Thailand and then came over here. Her children help her now and then and I noticed that while she has remained thin, her children and relatives have become fat or obese,, the reason may be found in the folowing picture.
There is something very dominant about american Culture that it can make humble lao-cambodians..whether they are born in the country or not,they yield to sickness quickly.. not only Lao or Cambodian or Thai but just about any nationality...
KFC in Phnom Penh
Starbucks in Bombay
Dunkin Donuts in Kuala lumpur...

You dont see French or UK fast restos spread all the place,, is it an inferiority complex of the colonized people?