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samedi 4 février 2012

INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE, ITS TIME HAS COME : Yoga, Philosophical Counseling, Homeopathic Medications in addition to the Western Allopathic One

I am a Physician and most of my patients suffer from Chronic Diseases, most of them correctable if social situations permitted a greater autonomy for the patients. 
So I am giving you two varied clinical histories: the countries involved here are USA (Miami, and the Indian Country), France and India..

Having witnessed the lack of efficacy of many of the western medications or their limited efficacy over the past few years, I am always on the look out for culturally, socially, emotionally acceptable methods of healing for the particular group of patients whose health and wellness I do care deeply about.

When you think about it, the most common illnesses are :  Obesity, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Gastro Esophageal Reflux disease (in its various forms), other forms of Heart Disease, Common Pulmonary Diseases such as Emphysema and also chronic joint diseases, back ache.  In fact these would account for the majority of patients seen in consultation. The facts that the drugs to "treat" the diseases are billion dollar drugs point out to:
the drug are good at hiding symptoms
lots of people have this problem
and the problems are not cured by these medications.

The allopathic medical practitioners are so much in control in the west that only reluctantly they would agree to the participation of other health professionals: such as Chiropractors, Homeopathic Physicians and others. Many of the treatments accepted in one country is not accepted in another: such as Ozone therapy which is not available easily in the USA, whereas it is used for a wide variety of chronic disorders in Cuba. Apart from some new age practitioners, Ayurveda and Yoga is not used for therapy even in India where they originated!

This is the era of the Western Allopathic Medicine, which can demand that scientific proof for herbal medications for instance, accusing them of side effects, whereas the side effects of any of the modern medications are not only many but some of them downright dangerous, such as Cancer...

There is a reltaionship between peptic ulcer disease or GERD  Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease and Chronic Rhinitis. But the four ENT surgeons I interviewed made no mention of that connection and all of them prescribed:
MRI of the Sinuses
Lots of medications and one of them did prescribe a powerful drug for Peptic Ulcer Disease without explaining why
and all of them suggested surgery 
The doctor from Malaysia was the most humorous one!

Recently I had a chance to meet with a Homeopathic Physician based in Bangalore.
First of all, I felt more comfortable with her than the other four ENT doctors, all male, one of them very famous. She wanted me to explain the symptoms and then discussed the philosophy behind the homeopathic treatment 

Her suggestion was 
For Sinus Condition



She prescribed 

Kalibichromicum    The special affinities of this drug are the mucous membrane of stomach, bowels, and air-passages
No 5

Tuberculinum  once a month 

So when I return to my American Indian patients, I know that I have to teach them:
Pranayama, kapalabati as well.
Shavasana  (I am afraid they would love this one)

An Indian infant who was regurgitating was taken to the doctor and was given immediately Omeprazole which is a Proton Pump Inhibitor; a french infant with the same complaint was prescribed: (by a paediatrician mind you)
cuprum metallicum
nux vomica
arsenicum albim

In integrative Medicine  whether it is Yoga or Homeopathy, one needs Consistent practice and discipline...

Western Allopathic Medicine is extremely effective in ACUTE situations but the philosophy of that has become ingrained in the CHRONIC situations as well, so that Chronic Medical Disorders are thought of as Prolonged Acute Medical Disorders which is far from the truth..

For  a Western Patient or those Orientals wanting Western Treatment ( India, Malaysia, Cambodia, Singapore etc), I recommend the following:

The Healing of your Chronic Problem
only 25 % is contributed by the medications
another 25% has to come from your family, your relationships
another 25% is the relationship you have with the universe: here is where the Yoga, Philosophical Counseling, Homeopathy comes in . Your spiritual relationship is also called to play a part since much of the Integrative Medicine is also spiritual in nature.
Another 25%  will be determined by what sort of a person you are, perhaps Karma could be a good word, whether you feel responsible for others, feel gratitude for what you have and are you willing to help others in need. This spills over to the Spiritual side as well. 

Walk Good!
Mitakuye Oyasin

Kapalabati   its benefits and dangers

5 simple Pranayama Breathing


FOR THE PRICE OF A CONSULTATION WITH A GASTROINTESTINAL PHYSICIAN IN MIAMI AND HIS SUBSEQUENTLY DOING AN UPPER ENDOSCOPY FOLLOWED BY A COLONOSCOPY, you can fly Business Class to India from the USA and stay at 5 star hotels for a few days: learn Yoga from non charlatan teachers, have a series of Ayurvedic treatments and of course a consultation with the Homeopathic Physician whose fee includes all the medications!