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mercredi 15 février 2012

Meet the Bidayuh Artist NARONG DAUN

What strikes you when you meet Narong is her enthusiasm of the context of her life. She is an artist. She is resident on her own space under the benevolent eyes of the Local Culture Vulture: Mr Nelson Tan. She does not have to trumpet her Bidayuh heritage, it is her pincels and in her face.
Years ago, I had read about her in a magazine, about her unique style. and to see her amidst her works, the gentle colours of Sarawak being illuminated by her bright enthusiastic face. She is the Artist to meet if you are wandering around the Street in downtown Kuching.
While Nelson lords over the crowded interior of the downstairs gallery (possibly the best place to buy antique Borneo related matters), Narong sits upstairs in her comfortable and calm space... Nelson would get you a cup of tea, take it upstairs and spend a little time with Narong.
this is what I plan to do on my next visit to Kuching