jeudi 16 février 2012


There are things which are bigger and more important than yourself, dedicate yourself to that cause , you need family, friends, society to support you. Then untold pleasures would arrive at your doorstep. It is neither a payout or a reward, but a recognition of your being a good person.
Avoid conflict of interest, whether with your moral principles (dont work for KPMG even fi they give you a high salary if your ethics are contrary to theirs), work (dont take money from drug companies in any form if you are looking after sick people, because they may subconsciously dictate your actions) or your culture or tribe(unsure identities).
When your life is beyond your control, such as these conflicts would generate, you have no control over the personal devolution and depression in your life. Then there would be no room for your spiritual development, since your time is not being prioritized for important things in life.
Decide what is important in your life and follow your dreams.
When you are unwell it is not your job or colleagues who will look after you, it is your loved ones and your family. So you better look after them when you are able to ..
It is certainly a privilege for me to be with Maurits in Cambodia, today that pleasure added by the presence of two visiting doctors interested in Geographic Health from University of Washington in Seattle...