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mardi 14 février 2012


To call People of Kuching, Malaysians, is not doing them justice, since they are friendlier than the average Malaysian, more open minded than the Singaporean, less devious than the Vietnamese and definitely not as shy as the Cambodians...they are as sweet as the Burmese.. and uniquely Bornean..
In my short stay of two days, I have met such wonderful people that I know my heart would dictate that I come back here sooner than I had imagined.. My newly found love for Malaysia (2008) and my nostalgia for Borneo (Kuala Belait, Brunei) can both be simultaneously satisfied with a visit to Kuching..

The Best Hotel in Kuching without doubt is the Hilton. The most important place to visit is the Sarawak Museum..
Zakeria (and Awang Abdullah) at the Museum were so congenial, arranging for a meeting with the legendary anthropologist (I had known of his existence ever since I became an anthropologist) Dr Peter Kedit, one of the few Indigenous anthropologists, PhD to boot. The ever affable, Heidi Munan, author of Beads of Borneo as well as Culture Shock! Malaysia...

Rashid at the Executive Floor Customer Service is a person worth meeting and when he gives me his email I would post it for those who require it. I like his genuine interest in the area and curiosity, after all curiosity is the sign of intelligence .. I do hope you get to meet him when you visit here, in Kuching..

No visit to Kuching would be complete if you did not let Nelson Tan grace your presence.. Erudite, humourous, a bit of northeastern brasil in his demeanour.. he is an absolute pleasure.. Heidi had mentioned he had the best antiques of the region and it was not off the mark. I spent a couple of delightful hours in his company, regaled by the stories of the History of the First Rajah, by the australian researcher Dr John Walker, who would be giving a lecture at UNIMAS tomorrow on the Tradition of Leadership and Rajah-hood in Sarawak. He is writing a book on the First Rajah of Sarawak..
Vernon Kedit (and his father) the proprietor of the.Dyak... oh my god.. it goes on and on ..
I promise you my dear friends, if I can get out of visiting Malacca next month, you can welcome me at the Kuching International Airport in the coming month!
Indigenous Dyak Food at the.Dyak resto in Kuching with Vernon K the proprietor...highly recommended..