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mercredi 1 février 2012

The Drinking Disorder of the Americans of the USA

The Drinking Problems of the Americans of the USA

Two normal size cans of Soft Drink, fizzy, full of chemicals, is the average intake of Yanks! Per Day! I don't think there is any other country in the world with such a large consumption of soft drinks.
Soft drinks, regular loaded with High Fructose Corn Syrup or Diet/Light loaded with Aspartame has been known to cause:
Pre Diabetes
Fat deposition in Internal organs

Certain Unethical Performances by Bollywood Actors:
It is common to see posters of well-known Bollywood stars promoting Soft Drinks in India. Perhaps ordinary people who suffer should send their medical bills to them or at least appeal to them to stop promoting non-nutritional poisonous stuff to an unsuspecting population.

Why this penchant in the USA for soft drinks, to such a great degree?
It is cheap like most of the “food” in America; they spend the least amount of their income, less than 7 per cent on food. Cheap food is not always good Food, whether it is in USA or Thailand!
Heavy promotion by Celebrities and also by a slew of paid professionals.
Just one can a day of soft drink, whether it is Regular or Diet can bring on much of the miserable chronic health conditions.
Then why do educated people, those in the know, drink this stuff?
It is an addiction and perhaps in the future, there would be clinics to treat Soft Drink Addiction!

Many years ago, a group based in Penang, The Consumer Association of Penang, published a booklet The Real Thing about Coke, which went un noticed in Malaysia, and still not well known. That is where I first read about the multitudes of chemicals that go into the making of soft drinks, including Brominated Vegetable Oils, industrially used as Flame Retardants.
Ah..Well.. You are what you drink!
or told to drink or forced to drink...
In that moment, I began to see a bottle of Coca Cola as more than a drink. I began to see the familiar words, “Let’s have a Coke,” as a subtle way of saying, “Let’s keep each other company for a little while.” And I knew they were being said all over the world as I sat there in Ireland. So that was the basic idea: to see Coke not as it was originally designed to be – a liquid refresher – but as a tiny bit of commonality between all peoples, a universally liked formula that would help to keep them company for a few minutes.  I could see and hear a song that treated the whole world as if it were a person—a person the singer would like to help and get to know.” – Bill Backer
Advertisement Executive for Coca Cola Company and “originator” of the song: I would like to buy the world, a coke…

In the image above, the man is sporting a Coca Cola shirt but if you look carefully, in his left hand, he does not have a coke but a Starbucks!

The following news item from 30 jan 2012 would be of some interest to the Nationals of the Diabetes Capital of the World, India:

MUMBAI, India — Starbucks aims to open 50 outlets in India by year's end, through a 50-50 joint venture with Tata Global Beverages, the companies said Monday.
Tata Starbucks Ltd., as their venture is known, hopes to capitalize on the rising aspirations – and fattening wallets – of many Indians, who are eager to partake of the global latte life.

When i began my journeys into various cultures, I realized that what American companies try to sell is not a product for its taste or nutritional value, but an image of a Life Style. Obviously a Nerd from the Orient could feel more Westernized with a 100 rupee Starbucks in his hand than his humble cousin with a 10 rupee Chai!