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dimanche 19 février 2012


Being Both a Physician and an Anthropologist, I can see the mechanism of problem solving among Physicians: mainly quantitative. But apart from some neurotic nationalities, most people and all anthropologists are qualitative.
I used to be horrified when well-educated Nutritionists would advice that you can fit in a McDo on a diet plan as long as you took care of the Calories and Carbohydrates and Fat!
It is the difference between WHY and WHAT. Doctors would ask   WHAT? When a patient presents with tummy ache, he tries to figure out WHAT is happening, acidity of the stomach, causes and treatment. Whereas an Anthropologist would ask WHY does it happen? People who migrate from UK to NZ, have a higher rate of Peptic Ulcer Disease, WHY?
So it was good to read the following article:
Neuhouser, M. et al: “ A low glycaemic load diet reduces serum C-reactive Protein and modestly increases adenopectin in overweight and obese adults” Journal of Nutrition 2012, DOI:10.3945/jn 111.149807

First of all to look at who funded the study. American Nutrition Association has McDo and company as their sponsors, so we have to be initially careful of the purpose behind the study. I was sad to hear that at the recent well-organized International Diabetes Federation meeting in Dubai, the stars of the show were Coca Cola and many Drugs, which generate Billion dollars or more each year. Of course studies showing the efficacy and appropriateness of these drugs do not come into discussion. (Such as the necessity to use Statin drugs in every body with slightly increased cholesterol).
I was happy to see that the study was supported by grants from the National cancer Institute. Research like it used to be!  I have lost faith in professor-peons (the new drug pusher) and do not wish to read what they write or listen to them at conferences regardless of the University they are from. (Sad also to see that the main benefactors of Malaysian Diabetes Federation are also Drug companies!)
In summary of the article: the researchers interpret the study findings to suggest that low glycaemic load diets influence two critical mechanisms linked to adverse health outcomes: inflammation and synthesis of adipose derived peptides.
Majority of the current day chronic diseases which are non communicative are results of Inflammation in the body.
One of the best ways to deal with Inflammation in the body is not to take Medications, but to practice the philosophy of Raja Yoga! I honestly feel that those who need to loose weight and who are pre diabetic, could use the above nutritional advice and also incorporate a Yoga Way of Life as well find a Lifestyle Coach who would introduce you to this ancient science. I do not recommend yoga classes or deviant forms of Yoga such as Hot Yoga.
Like the American Indians say: Every thing is related. So you can see that a science that was developed by thinkers over 2500 years now can be proved by modern measurements!
Here is some more science for those who want further confirmation:

 Novices’ serum interleukin (IL)-6 levels were 41% higher than those of experts across sessions, and the odds of a novice having detectable C-reactive protein (CRP) were 4.75 times as high as that of an expert. Differences in stress responses between experts and novices provided one plausible mechanism for their divergent serum IL-6 data; experts produced less lipopolysaccharide-stimulated IL-6 in response to the stressor than novices, and IL-6 promotes CRP production.
Psychosom Med. 2010 Feb;72(2):113-21. Epub 2010 Jan 11.
Stress, inflammation, and yoga practice.

From Ohio State University, USA.
 The ability to minimize inflammatory responses to stressful encounters influences the burden that stressors place on an individual. If yoga dampens or limits stress-related changes, then regular practice could have substantial health benefits.

It is recommended that we try to reduce our every day life related inflammation in our bodies, we can do that by choosing our food well, having a lifestyle coach that you would listen to. And being active rather than sitting in front of TV or Computer…I have managed the first two and trying to wean myself from the computer, but just to write this blog, I had to read few articles from the Internet on my COMPUTER!