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vendredi 17 février 2012

Adieu Royaume udu Cambodge

what a lovely day this has been..
the thunder has arrived, they probably want to say good bye.. I called Kuching to say good bye to some friends there ...
Went with Maurits to Takeo province.. and I could observe his bargaining skills at display. The hospital and the administrators wanted to use the organization as an agent .. whereas Maurits wanted as much service as possible for his patients. He was able to wrangle out of them promises for initial check up ...of the eyes.. and some concessions about follow up and treatment.
As they say in the Indian country, if you keep the patient's welfare as a first priority, you would always win..If you are keeping yourself as a priority, then you have no role in the business of helping others whether you are in Cambodia or USA..
A quick lunch after the hurried trip back to PNH, in the company of Ran, the lead Peer to Peer Diabetes Sydney which is more like a Food Court.. but the Chicken and noodle soup and papaya juice filled the need.
The highlight was meeting with OUR ambassador to Cambodia who happened have worked with my Mother for many years..
what a delightful afternoon with him and his wife in the chancellerie the entrance warmed by the presence of Palma Real... Ah Well.. that island of ours is just special.. that is all..
Now waiting to have a nice dinner with wine at the Le Rits Guest House, run by women who were rescued from danger in this society and a french chef had come and taught them to cook, so I look forward to a French Khmer cuisine.. with my friend Mauritis..