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mercredi 15 février 2012

PEER TO PEER CARE OF DIABETES : the excellence in Cambodia

A lot of credit must go to Maurits for his untiring work to show that Type 2 Diabetes can be taken care of at the point of contact between the patients and those who are slightly more educated than them in this disease.. he has shown that best results can be had for a small fraction of the cost .. Listen Malaysia.. You can learn from Maurits.. Your diabetes care is so far behind but you talk too loud.. and it would be a pity if these doctors are allowed to go and teach the providers in Myanmar or Cambodia.  Little bit of wealth is sometimes dangerous to the health of others.
I will write more about Peer to Peer, it would be so nice to do a Peer to Peer in Kuching with the help of Dr P and others .. and of course with the help of sister Mena, I would like to try this among her tribe in Mexico..
Maurits is truly inspiring.. India Malaysia singapour all have to learn from him...