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dimanche 12 février 2012

The Greenery Surprise of Singapore

I was remarking to Dr C, who was giving me a mini tour of Singapour, how green Singapour looked! yes, there has been a concerted effort by the government to make citizens become aware of the green environmental programmes of Singapour..
Duly impressed, remembering the last city in Asia that i visited being dirty and non-green (Bangalore), I checked out the list of Green Cities of Asia..

Singapore Tops List of Asia's Greenest Cities - 

Karachi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hanoi, Manila At Bottom..

Congratulations, Singapour, it was a good feeling to visit...a green city such as this.. 
what also impressed me was the peaceful coexistence of religions and races..
from my hotel room, I could see a Mosque, which is next door to SimLim Towers and below that was Maharani Computer Repairs..