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mercredi 29 février 2012

Round the World Endocrinogist Medical Anthropologist

It was France, USA, India and Oman in January and I have just finished my second trip for the year 2012
 I can use Food as a Metaphor for my journey into USA. On the photo above it shows the food served on Asiana flight from Phnom Penh to Seoul to Los Angeles. Arriving at Los Angeles Airport after the ultramodern ICN airport at Seoul reminded one of the rising economic power of the Asians. Below is the food served on the flight from Houston to Paris. The food, the service and the wines, none of which could compare to the Asiana Airlines. 
Even the aircrafts, Asiana flew a 747 400 and United flew an old 767-200. No wonder the US based airlines have good Frequent Flier programmes, to attract the frequent fliers without offering true comforts. Sometime in the future, Asian Airlines would begin a local subsidiary in the USA and then you can see the decline of the American Aviation Industry.
The hostesses on my flight to Paris were close to retirement and they have seen it all, so the service was spotty and not at all comforting. It felt more like an official function!
Still I will continue to fly the new United and the old Continental (I will miss them when the disappear).. because of their Frequent Flier programmes, excellent service on the ground and Lounges in US domestic airports.
On this trip, the lounges visited
CDG  terminal 2E  excellent 
PNH  International   okay
ICN  Business Class lounge Excellent 
LAX  United Club  okay
IAH  United Club   Good( three times)
SAT  United Club  very friendly
In exactly two weeks, another RTW but this time going west: France USA Malaysia Cambodia France
I am always grateful for this opportunity to do what I like doing while traveling to other parts of the world..