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dimanche 19 février 2012

A day in the Life of a Medical Anthropologist

What do Medical Anthropologists do anyway? I dont know about others, This is one day, more than 24 hours.. but felt like one day.

Early out of bed from the nice boutique hotel run by Nyemo NGO in Phnom Penh, A friend comes with a car, he is a important part of the NGO MoPoTsyo and we pick up the Director, MvP off we go to Takeo, stopping at a town nearby to have some breakfast (strong coffee for me), then to the Peer to Peer Diabetes Clinic to watch the operations; then visiting an Eye Clinic at Takeo and it is now lunch time, but have to hurry back to Phnom Penh. A chicken noodle lunch at Sydney, more like a Food Court and then back to the Hotel to await a call from the Cuban Embassy, where I spent few lovely hours. It is truly the country that I love! Packing my bags and a nice khmer/french dinner at the Hotel and off to the airport to catch a very late night flight to Seoul, Korea. Six hours and interrupted sleep, long wait at the Lounge of Asiana airlines n Seoul and a 10 hour very pleasant flight to Los Angeles. I think it would have been better to break the journey here and rest and continue the next day..On to Houston, another three hours on the plane , fatigue creeping in and a delayed flight arrives in Omaha close to midnight.. in fact 44 hours earlier I had left the Hotel in Phnom Penh to go to the airport..
But the tiredness vanished when the unexpected pleasure of meeting two close friends who were coming back from KeyWest...
Life is full of unexpected pleasures, that is what a day in the Life of a Medical Anthropologist is like..