samedi 30 décembre 2017


Some one from Cuba: I am supposed to pretend to be happy at this time of the year!
Advertisements from Malaysia to Qatar to Miami all inviting you to have a GOOD TIME on the evening of the 31st for a few hours .
What about the rest of the year 2017?
It has been such a good year ,2017, each year trying to do their best to become the best year of your life..
This has been such a good year..

Cuba firmly in my heart with some new players entering and cementing of old friendships.
A firm good bye to Europe after 12 years of uncomfortable and at times miserable, especially in France, visits. 
Firming of friendships in Miami, especially with M@G.
Closeness with UmonHon tribe of Nebraska
New countries  Qatar and some innocent friendships 
Travel Travel Travel North and South America, Europe, Middle East, Asia.
More travels within the USA meeting wonderful people in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan
Multiple visits of friends to La Habana. Meeting of Cuban scientists in Barranquilla.

December coincided with a gift of a book by Sadhguru by a close friend in KL, then enjoying reading it, a wonderful visit to Cochin, possibly the best so far and an incredible tranquility to the heart!
So the best present for 2018 came in 2017, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

All is well in the life of this wandering Jew.
Grateful for a wonderful 2017.
Learning more about our people wherever they are and listening to their history through words and songs, becoming acquainted with names like Medioni and Boniche..and of course Enrico Macias..
Je suis juif espagnol
je suis grec armenien
but we are also Syrian, Yemeni, Iranian
all those people who do not have a voice or not heard 
including the 900 000 jews kicked out of Arab Countries!