dimanche 10 décembre 2017


 If you look carefully at the map how tiny the island city state of Singapore is! One of the miracles of modern development!
Lee Kuan Yew was visiting Australia when he made the comment: we are just a dot on the map, compared to Australia but we do pull equal amount of weight internationally. In every measure Singapore has become a success and how fantastic it would be for countries in Africa and Asia to follow the example of transparency and lack of corruption that marks the Singapore Success!
The airport at Singapore, Changi as it is called, is a metaphor for this success. It is consistently voted as one of the best airports in the world 
 It was nice to walk through the tropical gardens within this airport in this tropical island.. a welcome relief after a long flight. Most people transit through Singapore and usually after long flights from Europe or Australia or USA or Africa.
There are so many direct flights to so many places, such as in India and China and Indonesia but also Port Moresby, Nadi,Tashkent, Mauritius, Johannesburg, Almaty among many are also connected 
 I had a few hours to kill, I checked into the SATS Premium Lounge which was quiet at that time of the day. I had the rice from the Japanese offerings as well as the Shanghai dish which was slightly spicy. Plenty of water to drink, as I was in no mood for wine 
SATS lounge was more than adequate and as my flight to KL was departing from Terminal 2, I went towards that terminal and then spent a little time at SATS 2 Premium Lounge. Lot more international passengers were in that lounge and it got crowded as the day progressed.
I had some delicious Laksa, really enjoyed that ..

There were passengers from flights leaving for USA, Australia and India among others.
 This was the end of this part of the journey, I boarded the flight to Kuala Lumpur and on this 45 minute flight they did manage to bring something to nibble if you wanted it, I must say that after the Lounge offerings it did not look particularly appetizing.
Embraer 175 American Airlines 
From Miami to Omaha as well as Omaha to Chicago
Flagship Lounge at ORD 
Both upgraded to F OMA _)+ORD 1 hr 07 minutes 
Japan Airlines 777-300 Seat 1 K Chicago to Tokyo 13 hours 25 minutes Sakura First Lounge at Terminal 2 Narita 
Japan Airlines 777-200 Seat 2 A Tokyo to Singapore 7 hours
MH 737-800 Seat 3 D Singapore to Kuala Lumpur  45 minutes
Now to rest a little, catch up with friends and then move on!