vendredi 8 décembre 2017


THE Flagship Lounge at Chicago Airport at this time of the morning is full of Japanese travellers waiting for their flight Japan Airlines 9, and to day I will be also taking that flight.
2018 does not look good for travelling public, the major airlines are shrinking their seats when CDC informs us that Americans are only getting fatter.. so how are the 70 per cent of the population going to fit into the new seats which they call passenger enhancement. This is nothing but GREED, after having eliminated competition, the Big 3 United Delta and Americans are engorging themselves, their bank accounts are becoming fat but an average american has to put up with so much indignity to fly one of the national carriers
This year I have been upgraded on almost all flights but that might also change next year. I have re qualified for my American Airlines Executive Platinum Status but I am not sure what that would mean anymore in terms of priority upgrades domestically. But I get the feeling that Miami has fewer ExPlats than JFK or ORD or DFW. just a guess. On my last flight from Miami to Omaha, I was the only one in F class and the FA said that the aircraft did not contain any other upgradable person, it may say more about Omaha as the plane was headed there.
This has been a fecund year for Premium flying: Easter Island, the usual destinations: KUL COK DOH CDG.
For the next day or so I will be flying or resting in airports: all lovely airports to look forward to  NRT with its JL first class lounge, SIN changi, the best airport there is and then land at KUL airport which I am familiar with and love.
So, a small breakfast
smoked salmon
Taitlinger champagne to which I added a bit of orange juice
Here I am with my faithful travel companions: Rimowa Salsa carry on (gift of Joe from Bogor) and Coach backpack (gift of sister in Miami), and that is all I have packed for my 3 week journey around the world.
In the year 2005 I went to Japan nine times, learned a lot about nutrition and then both Noriko and Chisa went away..