dimanche 31 décembre 2017


I am recuperating nicely from the last trip in the tranquility of my sisters home in Miami, while she is away with her family on Caribbean cruise.
This last trip was typical of most of my trips in 2017.
Left USA on Japan Airlines F to Tokyo, connecting with Japan Airlines J to Singapore. Stayed at the Lounges till I could catch a Malaysian Airlines J flight to Kuala Lumpur. Welcomed as usual at the Double Tree Hotel at KL. a nice lunch with some friends. Facial by Anna and this time a hair cut by a bearded Chinese by the name of Andy. The trip from KL to Brussels was a bit tiresome, even though I tried to break it at Doha. KL to Doha on Qatar Airways J and then about 13 hours in Doha which I spent at Marriott Marquis Hotel and it was good to see my friends. The flight to Brussels was too short on Qatar Airways J. Brussels was very cold usually in the -2, -3 range and I couldn't get warm. I can't say I enjoyed being there. Was eager to get to Cochin. Leaving Europe felt like lifting a huge weight of your shoulder as if some cumbersome and unwanted burden was pushing you down. Cochin was delightful, spending time with friends and enjoying the food. Met some new people as well. Flight from Cochin to Doha was short on Qatar Airways J. Once again a short stay at the Hilton Doha, saying hello to some friends and the next morning a very long flight on Qatar Airways J to Miami.
Now waiting for the Big Moon, the Wolf Moon, the first of the two Big Moons of January 2018. To me, tonight is a continuation of the good year past so there are no new decisions or resolutions, just a prayer of thanks to my friends who have kept in touch with me and made this journey through life a pleasant one.
Some of my thanks for this wonderful year 2017 were due to :
Airline of the Year without any doubt Qatar Airways. I took about 30 long and medium haul flights on QR in 2017
The best convenient/comfortable/city visited was Doha (9 times, never as a destination but as a stop over )
Other cities visited more than FOUR times 
Cochin, India 
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Paris. France
Brussels, Belgium
Miami, Florida  which has always been close to my heart.
Remote places visited in 2017 include 
Easter Island  Rapa Nui in the Pacific 
Leticia  along the Amazon in Colombia
Iquitos along the Amazon in Peru
The country I most visited in 2017 was USA, because of my project with the American Indians 
Nebraska Iowa Oklahoma South Dakota Florida Wisconsin Minnesota Michigan 
Countries visited in 2017 most of them more than once 

The best country for me still remains CUBA.