lundi 25 décembre 2017


I  am staying at the Old Lighthouse Bristow Bungalow Hotel facing the Arabian Sea. The rhythmic dance of the waves lulled me into a lethargic state but I decided walk across the Parade Ground to Farmers Cafe, where Mr Rafeeq the manager had promised yet another delicious meal
I was happy to see this organic, health oriented, fusion cuisine restaurant once again chirping with a collection of foreign and Indian tourists.
 The tranquil walk from my hotel to Farmers Cafe, along Napier street
(the parade ground had several groups playing games with one small group playing Cricket. Behind the tree is the 400 year old building housing Farmers Cafe)
 A nice papaya Lassi while reading the English translation of the Malayalam novel ALIYAH the last Jew in his village by Sethu
 (ideal for Lunch: a vegetarian Thali)
After I had finished a nice vegetarian Thali plate, Rafeeq joined me downstairs and we talked about his aspirations about art and life in Fort Cochin.
I talked about the flourishing art and cultural scene in Cuba, he added: I admire Cubans for standing up to the Americans for such a long time. I thanked him.
Then it occured to me, every other year there is a Muziris Biennale  here in Fort Cochin and how wonderful it would be for Rafeeq to run a Cuban film festival, as there would be many international visitors here at that time.
He was very interested in the idea.
It would be good for the people of Fort Cochin who already know about Cuba from a political stand point but now we can introduce the Cultural aspects of Cuba. 
I thought I would get in touch with my mother in Cuba at the Ministry of Culture and we can take it from there. I would procure the movies with English subtitles. With a little help we could select a good cross section of Cuban films!
I too was excited..
So it may happen..
Rafeeq with me at his cafe, the Farmers Cafe in Fort Cochin