vendredi 29 décembre 2017


The sun rises early in the desert and I wanted to get to the airport early enough for the long flight from Doha to Miami, a distance of nearly 10 000 km, covered in 16 hours.

 Ms MD from Sri Lanka, whom I had known from previous check-ins, was a good omen for a pleasant journey that awaited me. It is always a calm feeling to begin a long journey with pleasant interactions such as thing one with the sweet young lady, who has a name which means Honey.
 The first ever friend that I made with QR was on my first stopover/transit in Doha in 2012. AAT is from Dimbulla in Sri Lanka and he and I have been friends ever since and as luck would have it, he was at Al Mourjan Lounge. Without my even asking, as he knew what I liked to eat, food began arriving at my table. AAT uses his position at QR and takes advantage of trips to see the world: he has been to Tbilisi, Fort Cochin in addition to visits home. 
When my younger brother joins me on my next trip, AAT would organize our stay in Sri Lanka.

 I have ran into AAT on various occasions at Al Mourjan over the years even without making prior arrangements. Things happen for a reason, say the native Americans
 Psychologiaclly preparing for long trips is very important, otherwise you would feel anxious about the time not passing. My own way is to utitlize the time for the benefit of my mind and brain, as I have 16 hours and be as pleasant as possible to the onboard staff as well as enjoy slowly over the course of the flight various delicacies offered by QR 
Normally I begin with a glass of Larsen Champagne but I was adjusting to the Miami time and wanted the champagne later..
 Falafel wrap with Tahina, rocket salad and mint yoghurt
Selection of two indulgent individual desserts
 Most people are busy settling into their seats so they dont pay attention to the Boarding music . A few months ago QR changed it and it is now Dan Al Fardan's composition that greets you. She is a Qatari
 Good opportunity to read New York Times, which is the best newspaper in the world. An interesting article on how leading Nutrition researchers in Malaysia collude with Food companies and the result? Malaysia is the fattest country in Asia. They do not realize that in a few years time, half the population would be dying of Diabetes, a disease so easily prevented: of course there is no room for Dunkin Donuts, Krispy Kreme and Milo if you want to avoid Diabetes and be faithful to your gene and eat like your grandmother!
 Dozing on and off, reading Sadhguru's book on Inner Engineering, which is an excellent and I recommend it to one and all, so that you can learn ways to improve your inner self and find yourself happier than ever before. I enjoy when the flight is over Iceland and Greenland as these islands conjure up my imagination!
 Smoked Salmon and cream cheese roulade, caperberrries and confit tomatoes
 I really enjoyed my main meal as I am a fan of Japanese meal and it reminded me of the various visits to Japan to study their nutrition: the best in the world 
 Tofu in Panko bread crumbs with curry sauce. Japanese rice (tastes different from other asian rice) with edamame beans and mushrooms
 I normally dont eat desserts but on board QR is an exception. White chocolate and mango mousse cake.
 Passing over Greenland. The flight was windy and turbulent and when I spoke to the First officer he said it is common this time of the year. Over Greenland and northeastern Canada the turbulence was heavy. I dont enjoy reading or eating when the flight hits turbulent.
Even the Karak Cardamon tea fails to soothe me.
 Just before landing the Thai and Hungarian cabin crew offered a snack which I graciously accepted: a selection of what looked like arab savouries
I made friends with Ms J from India who is the Chef d'Cabine. Imagine how hard these Cabin Crew work to please the passengers and also to maintain the highest levels of Service QR is known for! She said she got up at 3 am to get ready to go to the airport at 5 am and by the time they get to the hotel in Miami, they would have been working for 22 hours, but they get a 5-6 hour break in between when they go to rest and refresh themselves up. It is inredible they always look their best, act their best and give their best. Kudos HE Al Bakr, the CEO, whose personal imprint can be seen in all aspects of passenger care of this 2018 Business Traveller Airline of the Year: well deserved award and I am glad that I have made many friends who are part of the reason why QR is so good!
Looking forward to my next long haul QR flight which would be to CMB!