jeudi 28 décembre 2017


Arrival at Doha is always pleasant. The immigration and customs are a breeze and soon after an Uber driver appears who brings you to your destination. At the hotel you are well looked after, if they have seen you once before, they are friendlier than ever.
 The infrastructure is very good in Doha.

 I walked over to the Marriott to say Hello to my friends from previous stay and I couldnt get over how sweet they were.
 Friends from Calcutta, Manila and Dharan in Nepal.
 Needless to say I support Sheikh Tamim and Qatar in their conflict with their neighbours. I want Al Jazeera to know that some Jews do support the Sheikh!
 It was good to catch the reflection of me onto the Shangri La hotel board, it appears double because of the light from various vehicles projected on to me.
 I had just arrived from Cochin on a Qatar Airways flight and food was not the priority in my mind but at the Executive Lounge of Hilton Hotel, the oferings were healthy and delicious
Of course my friends at the Lounge looked after me well!While I had met the three filipina ladies, it was good to meet the new addition from Uganda.