dimanche 24 décembre 2017


Cochin is one of the few places in Asia that i do not have to explain to people the actual location of CUBA. Not only Cuba well known here, a strong relationship is maintained at the Communist Party level, which forms the government here.
Of course, it is very often that you come across the portrait of CHE.. and even people from whom you do not expect a response would say Che Guevara! when I show them the 3 Peso coin that I have around my neck.
Even in Cuba, it is not often that we come across the portraits of Fidel.
I was walking along Kalvatty Road (a very historic pathway where many a cultures and conquerors have walked), when a prominently displayed portrait of Fidel attracted my attention. Next to it, was the ubiquitous CHE..
I later found out that this is the meeting place for UJOTAC like in Cuba.. the Communist Youth
So FIDEL is well and alive in Fort Cochin!