mardi 12 décembre 2017


It was good to get together with my KL friends, MunChingYong and her husband Fernando and Abid Hussain of Creative Stew. We ate at a Banana Leaf Restaurant called Ravi, there MunChing presented me with a book by SadhGuru,she had introduced me to his teachings in the past 

Perhaps Sadhguru's words would help you assist your dear Native Indians, she said.
I began reading it as soon as I got back to the hotel.
And indeed, MunChing was right.

On page 50, Sadhguru says:
The quality of our lies is determined by our ability to respond to the varied complex situations that we encounter. If the ability to respond with intelligence, competence, and sensitivity is compromised by a compulsive or reactive approach, we are enslaved by the situation. It means we have allowed the nature of our life experience to be determined by our circumstances, and not by us.

Ever since I had been introduced to the Yogic Philosophy by Vandana Yadav when she was visiting KL in 2009, I have marvelled at the similarity between the philosophy of the American Indian and the Oriental mystic teachings. 
It also proves what American Indians say: Mitakuye Oyasin
Everything is related
just this thoughtful gift, takes us back to an ancient philosophy and also to some mutual friends who are no longer with us, Georgia Gomez

To my North American friends with their designer yoga pants and mats and who travel to Rishikesh for enlightenment, just look at your own backyard and learn very similar things from the Native American Indians!

I am enjoying reading Sadhguru..