jeudi 9 août 2018


I still remember that evening very clearly, at the restaurants just across the International bridge from Eagle Pass, Texas..perhaps its name was El Modelo? in Piedras Negras in Coahuila, Mexico..
seated across me was Dr San Pedro, a psychologist from California and he asked me, if you could summarize, in one sentence, how to be happy, what would be your answer? 
Took a sip of the marguerita, didn't take long for me to answer.
Decrease your desires
It would be many more years before I would be introduced to Yogic Philosophy by a Chinese accountant turned Yoga teacher
Thus entered Kleishas into my life and an understanding of these structural defects and a change in my own world view.
Ignorance at the base of all Kleishas, then Ego, Aversion, Attachment and Fear of Change..

Whenever a situation presents to you at work, at home and in a relationship or while traveling, you have to realize that things are not what they appear to be, even though how they appear to be, appear to be very logical.

How can I forget being driven around Singapore (which is like a large shopping mall?) and I mentioned to the erudite guide who was the vice president of the Zheng He society: so many stores, more than in Paris itself and they must be very expensive
No, they are not all expensive, he said to my consternation dismissing Dior, Yves St laurent and Hermes and Louis vuitton: they are not expensive because I have no desire for them.
Not to glibly dismiss the chinese and the japanese shoppers lining up in front of Luis Vuitton at Champs des Elysses, we must respect their desires, nor are they seeking your advice about happiness.
Happiness is within you, you dont need a GURU (a four letter word) but look deep inside and you would find the answers to the confusions and conundrums in your life.

On my first visit to Paris, a professor from the distinguished Sciences-Po school admonished: you better speak in English to us, so as not to murder our language. A kick on my ego.. not much later, a professor at the university in Paris said: I dont need English, I can say what I want to say best in French..
Or the Malian migrant bus driver shooing off English speaking tourists, Pas de Anglais.. 
So it was not surprising that I resented my companion at that time and the society I was socially mixing with, that slowly turned into resentment and unfortunately aversion. 
I kept on saying to myself, the entire French nation cannot be this bad, what is the source of this aversion and how can I get rid of this?
Aversion is the other side of the coin of Attachment and remembering the words of Sadhguru, I asked my self what is that I am attached to that is limiting my falling in love with France, as a country?
This was in my mind as I arrived at the seaside village of Quiberon on the 3rd of August, from Colombo in Sri Lanka with a break in Hamburg, That break in Hamburg in a Germany undergoing certain identity crises, would also aid me in the resolution of my quandry, Why cant I fall in love with France?
I paid attention to people,  they were nice, of course I have never been averse to French Food, and the sea breeze and the long sunny evenings all played well.
I realized that i was attached to the insults they gave my EGO all that many years ago. I needed to let go of that attachment. Time is a healer and the wound is now healed, and all the people present in my life at that tiem are no longer with me, so why wait? 
Within the next few days, my attitude slowly changed, my blank dislike of things French began to dissipate and by the fourth day (listening to Sadhguru or reading his message forwarded to me by my chinese accountant friend now morphed into a PhD student sends me), a certain euphoria began to swell within me.
I left this morning Paris airport and I am writing this on my way to Miami (the flight has wifi), my heart feels very content.
Kleishas are structural defects of your mind, they try to raise themselves up like wildfires and they will consume you if you are not careful. It takes effort (no amount of Asana can do that, even though meditation perhaps is helpful) to control the fires of structural defects in our mind. The best person capable of putting down that fire is yourself..
You dont need a GURU..