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lundi 31 décembre 2012


During the course of a calendar year, I get to celebrate many NEW YEAR celebrations, either directly or indirectly:
The most important for us at a personal level is the Jewish New Year or Rosh Hashonnah. 
in 2013 it would occur on the evening of September 4, 2013.
I can never predict where I would be, but this year I hope I will be celebrating it somewhere new!
Chinese New Year will be celebrated by my friends in Malaysia, Singapour and Indonesia as well as falls on February 10th.
Happy Tet to all my Viet friends in Vietnam and Viet Khieu
Then there is the Burmese New year which is buoyant with their new hope for their democratic country! Once I spent Pesach in Siem Reap which coincided with the Khmer New Year..
The Traditional Kickapoo celebrate their New Year in February, usually no outsider is invited!
The Hocank, UmonHon and Meskwakia all celebrate a full moon festival, coinciding with the harvest in July and August.. I am usually present at one of those..
The golden era of celebrating New Years for me was in Baracoa where I made it a point to be present and watch the sun rise over the hills on the first day of the year..
I have also spent New Years in Cochin, Merida, Miami, Kingston, London, Firenze, Melbourne, Brisbane among others...
It is a nice exercise for memory to remember the various new year celebrations and wonder...
Whatever happened to those wonderful friends with whom you had celebrated those days?
In Guyaquil, Ecuador?
in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica?
in Iquitos, Peru?
in Suva, Fiji?

ah.. well..La Di Da..

It is a nice day here in Paris, the high is predicted to be 10 C
in La Habana it would be a sunny day with a temperature of 26 C