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mercredi 26 décembre 2012


Indonesia shares two major characteristics with its neighbours in South East Asia. One is the Economic Prosperity and Democracy since the fall of the Dictators and secondly, is the galloping rate of Diabetes and Hypertension in the country.
This multicultural archipelago, united politically with Bahasa Indonesia as its national Language, has a population of 238 million souls, half of whom are under the age of 20 years.
Conservative estimates put the prevalence of Diabetes at 7 million of the 119 million adults over the age of 20 (i.e., one in sixteen adults) and Prevalence of Pre Diabetes at 17 million (i.e., one in 7 adults). If nothing is done, you can expect most of the 17 million to progress towards Diabetes.
In the densely populated island of Jawa where the capital of Jakarta is located, studies previously had shown a low prevalence of Diabetes
1982    1.6%
1992     5.7%
In a study published in 2006, the prevalence of Diabetes in Jakarta was 12.4% (double the rate ten years previously) and the rate of Pre Diabetes was 30 % (a staggering one in three resident of Jakarta!).
If you think the high prevalence in Jakarta may be due to its industrialization and rapid westernization, I was surprised to read a study from Ternate (another one of those magical names from Indonesia, like Bogor, Bandung.), a historically important but currently a far away island where the prevalence was found to be 19.6%.
I will not speculate the aetiology for such high and rising prevalence of Type 2 Diabetes in Indonesia. I have noticed that foreign experts are almost always wrong since they bring their own ideas of aetiology of a disease, such as I noticed in Cambodia, where one foreigner suggested it is because of the Hindu Admixture of the Khmer and another Australian expert had no doubt it was due to eating rice, which the Khmer have been doing for about 2000 years?
As someone who has worked with Indigenous populations, it is not enough, like many Diabetes epidemiologists from Australia and UK have gone around the world, collecting stamps of the islands and proclaiming high prevalence of diabetes. As Native people would ask: we are sick and tired of you foreigners telling us we have high prevalence of diabetes, but can you tell us how to combat it. Then the foreign ambassadors of stealth capitalism would declare the useless mantra: exercise more, and eat healthy, change your lifestyle.

What can we do about the rising prevalence of Type 2 DM in Indonesia?
First of all,
Find a group of people who are also interested in this health project.
I am lucky to have become friends with PJ in Bogor and his Sentul Healthy Happy Living Group.
Then ask them, how I can help them, not dictating what is to be done, but how can I assist in what they want to do.
What is their philosophy?
PJ Philosophy:
A healthy body exists in a Happy Body
Mind has to change before Body will follow with good health.
What is the ultimate aim?
The good sensation of Well-being.
Who is the target group?
Friends and Staff and their families.
Economically less fortunate members of the society, who are interested in:
Prevention of Diabetes, Hypertension and Obesity
Treatment of Diabetes, Hypertension and Obesity buy using a Peer-to-Peer Education Network model, highly successful in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
This is the idea for 2013, my contribution to Indonesia. It would be nice to be successful in this programme.
 (they dont even get out of their large cars to get their fat laden Frappucino)
(Pizza Hut and KFC are owned by the same corporation, and you can see them all at any mall or a stop in the highway)

What was heartening was a study published by Prof. Soewondo from University of Indonesia.
Controlling Blood Pressure has a protective effect on Diabetes, if the Indonesians decreased their waistline a little bit, their chance of getting Diabetes is lower and Of course, whether you want to get Diabetes or not, stoping to smoke or not smoking at all is a very healthy idea.

Prevention of Diabetes fits in well with the Philosophy of Sentul Healthy Happy Living. The following could be done to prevent 
Diabetes and High Blood Pressure:

Become Physically Active. We invite you to join us in the morning at Sentul Lake and You would see how quickly you become healthy: activity as well as socializing and stress reduction.
Do not eat Greasy Foods, and control your sweet food consumption
If your blood pressure is higher than 120/70, then try to bring it down by regular exercise.

You must do exercise to get your body in shape rather than thinking of loosing weight. Once you incorporate exercise (walking, stretching, jogging and breathing exercises) into your routine, you will begin to notice a soft addiction wanting to exercise. Slowly you would notice that your energy level increases, your breathing capacity changes and after three months you are able to jog and then at the end of another three months you will begin to notice a change in your body, with the central part of your body becoming firmer.

Mind Body Time Management
if you say to yourself: I dont have time, then ask yourself, what do you have time for?
Good Luck and Welcome to Sentul Healthy Happy Living..