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samedi 15 décembre 2012


SOME friends find my professional role as a Lifestyle Coach (Endocrinologist plus Medical Anthropologist amounts to that!) and the sumptuous eating that I am so very fond of, a little incongruous..and I maintain my BMI below 22 kg/M2 as recommended for someone of asian origin..
Do you wish to live longer?
Like my jewish teacher once told me, you dont have to die of heart disease, if you chose your parents well. 
That being out of consideration for us, recent research on the Olympians attest to the fact that exercise can prolong your life span. It does not have to be extreme sports or weightlifting, but walking, jogging. The best effects are from Bicycling and rowing, as befits sports in which all muscles are used.
(WW who bicycles around 30 km per day and PJ who bicycles to the top of KM 0, come rain or shine, near Bogor, Indonesia)
and dont forget the social aspect of exercise, that is why Gym's and isolated exercise activities tend to fail. The Sentul Healthy Happy Living Group of PJ, meet every day, and then jog and run around a lake, about one hour each day and then there is fair amount of socialization, talking, discussing and ending up with a healthy breakfast. Since I have known them, 7 among them, including the WW above have lost collectively more than 90 kgs!
Perhaps that is how one can explain the low level activity of playing golf is also beneficial, because of the rituals associated with it which includes a dose of Friendship and congeniality.
As in the ancient Yoga Philosophy, whatever you do: do it consistently. On a recent stay in Bogor, I was picked up at the hotel at 6 AM promptly and we began and our running and jogging around the lake for the prescribed hour ending up with laughter and chatting ..
Happy to report that on my last day in Bogor I was able to jog ten times around the lake, a total distance of 6 km. Considering that I took up regular walking only in August of 2012, I felt a great sense of pride and satisfaction and it was nice to have my Indonesian friends cheering me up at the end and congratulating me as if I have run a marathon.. which might be stil a possibility, as I plan to be at the Bali Triathlon in June 2013!

What I have learned observing my friends in Bogor is that the metabolic effects of Eating and Exercising are totally different and one does not run or jog to loose weight but eating is a pleasure that we must enjoy (mindfulness of Yoga) each and every time but make sure that you eat well, eat food rather than chemicals ... of course eating well in Malaysia or Indonesia is much easier than doing so in USA but in Miami I do have good eating companions..