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mercredi 5 décembre 2012


I had received a letter from my good friend, the humble man of Bogor, Pak Joe. He wanted me to come to Indonesia, and prepare and present with him a seminar on Health and Happiness to the executives of the largest Bank in Indonesia.
He wanted us to concentrate on the questions:
Have we all tried our best at our work so far, what impact it has had on our personal and professional objectives?
Have we done our best to our health, those of our families and also the neighbourhood we live in?
How far are we willing to pursue personal objectives? Are we prepared to do more both personally and professionally?
What have we done, actively, to our environment?

In between my commitments to be with American Indians; my friends and family in Cuba, I decided that I would go to Bogor to spend a few days with Pak Joe and listen to his philosophy.

There is one other reason I want to go to Bogor.. I have been able to walk every day whether I was in Paris, Miami or Havana.. but since the weather got colder, I have been reluctant to go walking. Haruki Murakami on his book on Running, advices thick gloves and clothes to ward off the cold.. But I am a tropical person, and I long the heat and humidity, the rain and the clouds and the mountains: where else but in Bogor under the watchful eyes of Gunung Salak!

The flight to CGK takes about 40 hours, and the ride to Bogor depends upon the traffic, at least one hour but more likely closer to two..During my days there I plan to walk around the lake at Sentul City every day, to get back to the routine I had come to accept.
I had never felt so good physically after I listened to the Humble Man of Bogor and took up walking..

Now I am going to Bogor to walk, encouraged by another email from my brother friend Joe..
Welcome to your second home..the next visit would be the third visit to Indonesia and Bogor in eight months...
then I look forward to extremely cold northern european days..