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samedi 15 décembre 2012


The incredible Hospitality of the Indonesians
The Sentul Healthy Happy Living Group of Pak J.
I am just finishing my third trip in 2012 to Bogor, Indonesia-all to be in the company of the above people. PJ JW EM WW and many new and old friends.

It usually takes over 40 hours including stopovers to reach CGK from USA.
The return trips have always been back to Paris
Thai Airways on BKK –ZRH was impressive, both MH on KUL-CDG and RBI on BSB-DXB were unimpressive.
But Indonesia and Indonesians have been impressive.. Including their attention to the details of the wellbeing of their guest.
CGK and Jakarta are notorious places to fetch arriving and take departing passengers, not that CGK is inefficient, it is rather pleasant including its Low Cost Terminal, but one has to take into account the notorious and unpredictable traffic jams!
On one occasion I stayed at a hotel in Jakarta so that I can leave at 3 30 AM not to miss the 6 30 AM flight. But from Bogor one has to calculate additional hours into this equation.
Today’s flight luckily was at 1545. Yet we left Bogor at 10 AM. To arrive at CGK at 12 30 pm. Then the usual landside security, check in and then the immigration, all reasonably quick and efficient.
One has to plan so well, so PKJG has to designate people to fetch me and take me to the airport, including the time I had to leave Bogor at 3 AM! in fact at least half a day has to be allowed to this task!
My friend PKJ and the friends I made in Bogor all knew that I looked forward to good food, and they made special efforts to make sure that I had the taste of the great variety of the cuisines of Indonesia.
One example: they were discussing among themselves some of the dishes I am yet to taste! The Doctor has not tasted Gudeg, so PKJG instructs the person to make sure I get to taste Gudeg before I leave Indonesia this time.
Someone knows that in Terminal 2 of CGK there is a resto that serves the said dish. So one hour was built into the departure procedures. Two young men who took me to the airport had lunch with me, explaining the cuisine.
Gudeg is a traditional food from Yogyakarta and Central JavaIndonesia. Gudeg is made from young Nangka (jack fruit) boiled for several hours with palm sugar, and coconut milk

During this visit of six days, I had been treated to:
Padang Style
Chinese style Breakfast
Bubur Ayam in the mornings
Herbal preparations to drink: ginger and Tumeric
Home made Choy Pan and Bacang, Pontianak style
Sundanese food at various setting
Javanese food variations
Twice ate at a Japanese resto whose chef was trained in Jakarta.

Always, surprisingly, at the office there was Nespresso! I tasted the same coffee that I drink in Paris!

(It is always good to have some reminders of Cuba when I travel..Pak Che this time)