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mardi 18 décembre 2012


American Indians, as always
Lately, MC in KL, PKJ in Bogor

When the student is ready, a teacher would appear. Instead of roaming around the world in search of a Guru, improve yourself so that a Guru would find you. Among the American Indians you are chosen to be taught, when you are ready, an elder would choose you and transmit his knowledge.
Indians would teach you to live harmoniously within your group or society.

PKJ teaches how to live harmoniously within yourself, avoiding conflict with others, near and dear as well as professional.
MC teaches you how to grow within yourself harmoniously.
Harmony is not growing your hair long, wear beads or chant OM and sing Hare Krisna
Harmony is within yourself and you don't have to dress your part.
Perhaps that is one explanation why all the great Sitar and table players are INDIANS from India; people flock to Cuba to learn drumming but the masters are always Cuban, Europeans just cant match them; Culture is something –emic and not worn like a orange shirt or a saree.
People who belong strongly to a culture can easily distinguish others who belong to that culture, also to detect fake ones who are pretending to belong to that culture.
PKJ teaches: don't pay attention to time when you are faced with time such as during long flights. Things outside your control, you must allow them to flow by themselves.
MC teaches the tool: Close your eyes and concentrate on the present, forget the past and the future. That is Yoga.
I am so so grateful to have been introduced to Yoga by MC. She is among the finest, may you have the same luck as me to get instructions from her!
American Indians have truly rescued me from a world of Order, Hierarchy and Close mindedness. (Middle class Australian life, corporate medical practice would have brought discontent to me)
American Indians opened my mind, taught me in this world of uncertainty in the manner of organized chaos.
In Australia, I was taught networking in the European fashion: What can you do for me? From the American Indians I learned: What can I do for you?
MH 20 is descending into CDG after a 13 hour 30 minutes flight. Not once did I feel bored or discontent: using the philosophy of PKJ and methods of my yoga teacher, MC.
Work and Life of a Medical Anthropologist 28Nov-14 Dec 2012.
Sister in Miami. MS in Omaha. Los Indios. PKJ in Bogor/Sentul