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jeudi 13 décembre 2012


These are six days of culinary delights in Indonesia,all organized by my friend, PJ. I never ate alone and always there were more than four or five sharing lunch or dinner. 

 DAY 6
 DAY 5
 DAY 4
 DAY 3
 DAY 2
The SQ was so wonderful that i wished it was a longer flight! Even though I had not slept the night before: Hong Kong to Singapore flight arrived at 2 am and the flight to Jakarta left at 6 am.
Breakfast: Jakarta/Chinese
Lunch: Sentul City/Javanese
Dinner: Bogor/Sumatran Padang Style

It was good that I could have a nice large glass of Avacado Juice whenever I wanted to, thought about my UmonHon Indian friend, MS, who loves Avacado, which by the way is a Azteca Indian A xua Ca tl fruit..