mardi 18 décembre 2012


I had become aware of travel at an early age, after all I had to move countries before I was three years old. I longed to become an adult so that I can travel: I travelled first within Australia, then came Europe and then North America, Asia and South America are both late comers into my Travelling world, starting in 2001. South East Asia and Japan has been my focus in Asia and Argentina took up a lot of hours! There are only two Spanish-speaking countries in South America that I have not visited.
Since meeting serendipitously MC, who later became a good friend, my focus has been Malaysia and yet another casual encounter in an aeroplane has led to visits to Indonesia. All in all I have enjoyed Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar and now Indonesia.
2012 was also special for encounters in Indonesia, a special encounter in Malaysia, special days in London, gorgeous affectionate and intimate days in La Habana and of course there are always American Indians. Miami always had a feeling of home.
Many new people arrived into my life and a few left, none left any regrets but few left nostalgic flavours. The most important friend to arrive was certainly PJ from Bogor.
I am looking forward to 2013 with two major changes, one that would include a Humanitarian Medical Project in a village near Sentul in Indonesia.
The Airlines flown this year in order of their excellence: (long-haul flights longer than six hours)
1.           Qatar
2.           Asiana
3.           Thai
4.           Lufthansa, including Swiss
5.           KLM
6.          Air France
7.           United Airlines
8.          Oman Air
9.           Malaysian
10.      Royal Brunei
I had 32 long-haul flights, the longest being ORD-HKG at 15 hours and 20 minutes and the shortest being LAX-HNL at just six hours.
There were 92 short flights, from the 42-minute flights between Miami and La Habana, many internal flights within the USA. Also many Intra-Asian flights using Air Asia, which is an excellent airline, delivering what they promise.
Best Airlines Lounges this year have been:
Premium Lounge at Doha
Air France Salon at Terminal 2 E in Paris
Silver Kris at Terminal 2 at Changi.
The lounges of the USA based airlines do not leave any impressions. Skyteam Lounge at Terminal 4 of London Heathrow is very pleasant as well.
Grateful for a good year of travel. Thanks for all those who shared this vagabond life in different parts of the world. A new country which I enjoyed visiting in 2012 was Morocco.
My first Long-haul flight for 2013 would be to the American Indians, the first Asian flight would be to Phnom Penh, Bangkok and Bogor.

The lovely staff at Hotel Hilton Salalah, Oman
Chance meeting with the Humble Man of Bogor that brought me to Indonesia
Dining in KL, Great Hospitality in Malacca
Yet another Airline Meal: choose your airline wisely..

A Good Introduction to Sundanese Cooking
Welcome to Phnom Penh, Cambodia 

A Chinese wedding in Jakarta
 The man in seat 4D  LH 747-400
Eating well in Indonesia 
This is where I walk/jog when I am in Bogor with my friends from the Sentul Healthy Happy Living Group