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jeudi 20 décembre 2012


I am used to meeting visitors in various parts of the world, but today was an unique experience for me in that I was waiting for a group of Indonesians visiting Paris. Three families with 8 children among them! 12 suitcases.. and after arriving at the city of Light one of the first requests was: Where can we eat Japanese food?
The entourage, led by my good friend and Exercise instructor PJ from Sentul, consisted of his family whom I had already met but I had not met the other two families from Jakarta..
Last Thursday I said goodbye to PJ in Sentul .. and here he is today in Paris..C'est la vie..
The 11 year old, almost prophetically says to me: The economic times are bad for USA and Europe and China is No 1...Yes, when he is a little older China would be No 1..All the children speak English and all are being educated to International Levels, the oldest among them, hopes to enter Stanford..
I had a feeling today that I am looking into the future..The South East Asian Century...