mardi 3 décembre 2019


I have had a few wonderful days here in La Habana. As the city and the country evolves, from one drama to the next, my own life here gets better and better. I have seen through the superficialities of Cuban life which the tourists get to see and experience and the deep culture of Cuba is nothing short of wonderful. I have a sneaking suspicion that the deep cultures everywhere are wonderful but most lack the access or particularization to that world. For example, USA, which is a most maligned nation in the world, there may be many things in its superficial culture to complain about, but the deep culture is one of generosity, open mindedness and innovation and quite contrary to the image right now projected around the world.
On this visit, a humble person came to visit and that was an eye opener. It was as if it was a message to be humble. I enjoyed the messenger and the message.
Good friends continue to be good and solidarity is a quality in abundance here in Cuba, a side product of the success or failure of the revolution. I enjoy it very much, as this quality is lacking among Cubans in Miami or in the rest of Latin America for that matter.
I normally have large dinner parties, but on this visit, I had small dinner parties so that I got to spend some time with the guests rather than be very busy serving them (I love this role very much).
It is a lovely day in Havana, a cloudy day, with caressing wind from the ocean just one block away and the temperature is now 74 F will rise to 85 during the day..

As explained by Buddha, the personal fulfilment increases when you are aware of what you are doing..
Instead of cramming our lives with noise, be quiet and enjoy the sensation of whatever you are doing..

when I am sitting, I know I am sitting ..
When I am eating, I know I am eating
When I am talking, I know I am talking