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vendredi 2 septembre 2011


After a morning pleasantly attending to Hearing tests and Dental cleansing, the anticipated lunch time arrived. Empire Resto is a very Kerala oriented resto with an ambience of an up and coming resto in a poor country, even though this one had been established in 1966. the staff looked like gents recently laid off in the Gulf Countries.
When arriving one is greeted with a gargle of people waiting, and a big notice to advice the hungry masses that the resto will reopen after the Friday prayers are over!
I cannot imagine this sort of courtesy afforded to christians or hindus in any of the moslem countries. It is an uneven exchange. While the Saudi money constructs Mosques by the hundreds, not a new church has been open in the region or allowed to open...
But we are in India, the democracy in action with a proud people with a long history of democratically elected government ever since independence from Britain in 1947.
Alas.. the devotion of the cook did not extend to the food served. The food was at best mediocre, of bland taste and quality and it is a crime to serve such food to the public, even at this modest cost, 10 usd for three!
No need to return to this pious establishment, not because of its piety but because of its lack of attention to the good food of Kerala..

so it is Adieu Adios from me to the EMPIRE whether it meant Moslem or British!