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mardi 13 septembre 2011

Intellectual Life in Malaysia

Certainly not in the Starbucks or other institutions of such ilk, but I have been very satisfied with the high quality of people I have been meeting, facilitated by my best friend in Asia.
On this visit, my fifth in one year, the highlight certainly was the visit to Cheng Ho Museum and the people responsible for its operations. the Curator is such a history enthusiast that we could have talked for hours about the history of Malaysia (perhaps trying to find the true version rather than the official version) and those of the intertwined histories of this region. Zheng He (Cheng Ho) the greatest navigator ever, created history by visiting every major sea port all the way to Malindi in Africa and his presence is felt every where in south east asia if you care to look for it..
In the same fashion, you can have an incredibly good intellectual life in KL if you care to look for it... just get out of the Starbucks and other oft visited places...