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mardi 20 septembre 2011


The Incredible Doctor of Kuala Lumpur

Dr Li Zi Qi

Each of the visits to KL has rewarded me with new friends usually ready with their minds to open new thought processes and pour in their knowledge and wisdom. It is as if the Spirits have to reward me for traveling so far to be with my two good friends, the sisters Yong.

I had met this doctor briefly in context of medicine but suddenly one day the conversation took an unexpected turn and very soon we realized, that this soft spoken doctor is not your run of the mill doctor interested in money and fame but he is very interested in the enlightenment of the soul and also aware of the spiritual nature of this life and this world.

On a balmy night, sitting by an artificial lake created to make real estate more valuable, now added with mediocre restaurants catering for the Iranian and other wannabee western clientele, the conversation began. It took some time for me to get use to the cadence of his way of speaking, starting and stopping with uncomfortable gaps of silence. Paying close attention to his words, I soon realized that he was not wasting any words and all he said was carefully analyzed previously in his mind, thus perhaps the long silences. This is not the story of some young man in search of the spiritual light and going off to Nepal to trek amidst the mountains, but a person who had paid a lot of attention to his own pain and sufferings and made them his teacher. I became wide eyed and riveted to his story, from childhood onwards to medical school and the pain opening up a completely new stream of thought which has given him a new consciousness. As he continued to talk, I realized that he was teaching us

, asking us to open our hearts and our ears to listen to his words, which would help us, tackle our own momentary problems. He had made awareness of the present an art in itself and at the end of the evening, I was convinced that yet another star had arrived in my Malaysian and thus Universal Sky…

Thank you, Dr Li for your guidance.

Thank you, Mun Ching for bringing him into the world of our friends.