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mercredi 7 septembre 2011

Dr Jagdeesh and his Elegant Dental Team in Bangalore INDIA

During many years of my peripatetic wanderings as a Humanitarian Physician, one aspect of self care was often neglected: Dental Care. I shudder to think the state of affairs of my dental structures had I not been lucky to meet Dr Jagdeesh in Bangalore in 2004.
He identified 52 minor, medium and major defects in the dental structures and made arrangements to correct them within a short ten day period, often accommodating me with two to three appointments per day. Since then more than once at conferences, when I give lectures, I have been complimented on my teeth.. I would say to myself, like in one of those TV advertisements: Thank you, Dr Jagdeesh. He runs a fine outfit of dental and auxiliary workers, in an extremely congenial and hospitable atmosphere which is unique in India and perhaps unusual even other parts of the world, such as Malaysia or Singapour ( I recommend Dr Jagdeesh to those needing dental care in those countries!)
Apart from the feeling of being made welcome, Dr Jagdeesh and his crew fits in with your schedule, which is very important when you are in town for only a day or two.
This time around, I had stopped by, for my annual visit to Dr Jagdeesh. He recognizes that I do not live nearby, so he goes on his prevention mode. I was relieved that he could correct some existing anamolies and identify problems for prevention. I had excellent services from Drs Latha, Arjun and Neeraja Shetty ... preventive and cosmetic dentistry and its best..

Now I am ready to give my talk in Oklahoma City on the 22nd of this month!